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Pet Posting Rules

Banned Animals

In keeping with UK laws, and in the spirit of the Pets section as a place to enable people to responsibly re-home pets, we do not accept ads offering the sale of the following animals:


Any other animal banned for sale by UK legislation.  Please check the defra website if you are unsure.

No Underage Animals

It is important that animals remain with their mothers in the early days and weeks of their life at least until they are fully weaned.

We don’t accept ads offering puppies, kittens and rabbits for re-homing before they are at least 8 weeks old.  All other animals (hamsters etc) must not be offered for re-homing until they are at least 6 weeks old.

You are encouraged to make the age of your animal clear in your ad, and if a young animal, the date at which they will be ready for re-homing.

No Breeders/commercial/pet trades

Stud or breeding services

The Pets section is to enable people to re-home much loved pets.  In this spirit we don’t accept ads from people involved in the commercial breeding or trading of animals.


At our discretion, we define a commercial breeder or pet trader to be anyone who has more than 2 different litters/ animals available for re-homing per year.


In addition we do not accept ads for people offering or looking for animals for stud, or for breeding.


No Puppy Farms


We don’t accept ads from individuals involved in the practise of “puppy farms”.


Puppy farms are defined as individuals/ organisations that breed large numbers of animals for commercial profit, very often housing them in inhumane and cruel condi


No Dogs with docked tails


In accordance with the Animal WJudyelfare Act 2006 we do not accept ads from people offering a dog with a docked tail, seeking an animal with a docked tail or encouraging the docking of tails


No Trading Animals for fighting purposes

In accordance with the Animal JudyWelfare Act 2006 we do not accept ads offering animals for fighting purposes or that appear to support or encourage animal fighting.




Pets posting rules


In addition to the GENERAL RULES for posting an ad, there are a few specific rules for posting Pet ads.

The Pets section is to help people find good, safe and caring homes for their pets as well as find accessories and services related to owning pets.

In keeping with the spirit of this category, and in order to protect animal welfare and uphold UK laws there are a number of do’s and don’ts when posting Pet ads.



Check the Animal Welfare Act 2006 to make sure that you are aware of your legal responsibilities.

If re-homing your pet, follow responsible practices to re-home them safely.


All Annex A tortoises require an Article 10 licence (A10) before any transactional sale can take place.  If you are hoping to purchase a tortoise, please check that the seller has the appropriate documentation.  To find out more about legislation surrounding tortoises please click here.


  • Don’t sell your pet to someone who is under 16 years of age

  • No 'working' dogs

  • No puppy farms

  • No banned animals

  • No dogs white docked tails

  • No underage animals

  • No breeders, commercial pet traders, stud or breeding services

  • No trading animals for fighting purposes, or ads promoting fighting

Please also note:

We will at our discretion remove any ads we believe are indicating signs of or encouraging animal cruelty.  We work closely with law enforcement to ensure the protection of animal welfare.  Suspect cases of illegal practices or animal cruelty may get referred for investigation.

Our guidelines when searching for a pet


  • Search for animals in your immediate local area. Long distances increase risks and make it harder to visit the pets in their home environment.

  • Visit the pet’s home and see how they’re cared for. Ask to see where the animals are kept – are they inside the house in a place where they get lots of attention or are they outside? Is it similar to your own home environment? An animal used to a quiet atmosphere might not be suitable if you’re not an experienced pet , if your home is very noisy, or you have children.

  • If you're planning to adopt a young animal (which should only be from 8 weeks of age) ask to see the mother.  If the owner will not let you see the mother of a puppy or kitten there may be a problem.

  • Always ask about the animal's health, and get details of any past veterinary treatment.

  • If you can't find what you are looking for on zerofreeads com try visiting your local pet rescue centre.  There are many animals in these centre's looking for a new and permanent home


Advice for re-homing your pet


Our guidelines for finding a safe and loving new home for your pet:


  • Visit the prospective new home to get a feel for the environment. Explain that the pet is part of your family and that you want to make sure he or she will be cared for. Screen potential homes carefully.

  • Don’t be fooled. If anyone refuses to allow you to visit their home, do not place your pet with them.

  • Carefully consider all the elements of the new home for your particular pet – will it get along with small children? Is the family planning to keep a dog outside? Would a cat be kept only to catch rodents? Does the family have a veterinary reference? Do not be shy about asking questions as your pet’s happiness may depend on it.

  • Ask for a valid form of identification (preferably a driver’s license). Record their details for your records and require the new owner to sign a contract stating the requirements of adoption upon which both parties agree. As part of the contract, require the new owner to contact you if he or she decides at some point that they must give up the pet.

  • We wouldn’t recommend giving your pet away for free. A genuine buyer, who can offer your pet the love and attention it deserves, will be happy to pay for it.




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